2016 Limited editions - #1 – W.P.A. - Available from 1st March 2016


Woodsetton Pale Ale 4.5%

Tales of lost brewing notes are the stuff of myth and legend in the Brewing industry, however, while trawling through the archives for our Centenary celebrations last year a 4th Generation Holden chanced upon a tatty book languishing at the bottom of a filing cabinet. To our great excitement we found page after page of brewing notes, pitch rates ,hops, grain, malts, fermenting vessels, calculations, all from the 1910’s and 20’s;- A brewers dream.

Our master Brewing team have been hard at work over the winter recreating this Bygone Brew from our long-lost brewing notes, which is the oldest Holden’s Recipe we know of. We hope you are as excited as we are.


Woodsetton Pale Ale 4.5%

A Classic Old-English Pale Ale brewed using the finest English pale and crystal malts giving both biscuit and caramel notes on the nose followed with a burst of traditional Fuggles and Goldings hops leading to a lingering, moreish, fresh dry finish.

Limited editions - #2– Slack Tub - Available from June

Slack Tub   3.8% abv

A thirst quenching fruity “new age” Ale using only the finest pale malt giving you a sparkling straw colour. Using whole leaf Citra Hops to create a light refreshing soft flora, perfect for those high days and Holidays.







Limited editions - #3– Red By Night - Available from September

Red by Night 4% abv

An easy drinking session ale with its Celtic undertones and Red distinctiveness created using gently roasted malts and Pure Black Country water, smooth and temping with caramelised toffee notes and a lightly hopped finish.










Limited editions - #4– Dragons Blood – Back By Popular Demand –

Available from November

 Dragons Blood  5.6% abv

Back by popular demand our iconic brew in Cask. A golden amber beer with an assertive hop character and fruitiness dominating throughout which leads to an intense hoppy yet fruity finish. Created with our finest fuggles hops and English malts.